Ed Sheeran - Boat

Ed Sheeran - Boat
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  • Опубликовано: 22-04-2023, 10:24
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Эд Ширан Боат

Came in through the embers
Stayed out for the breeze
I need to feel elements to remind me
There's beauty when it's bleak
Stuck out long before lights down
What do I breathe? Oh, I know

The more that I love, the less that I feel
The times that I jumped never were real
They say that all scars will heal, but I know
Maybe I won't
But the waves won't break my boat
But the waves won't brеak my boat

Stones crashed on the boardwalk
Wind rushеd through the trees
I'll keep my eyes peeled
The memories always fall short
Of what we could've been
Let that long for last call
What do I need? Oh, I know
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